Nigeria needs a government that can provide Food sufficiency.

Nigerian agricultural sector has suffered lip service from this government in the last 3 years.

The global hunger index indicates that Nigeria is in serious problems, ranking 84th out of 119 countries, in the category of Serious, the value has increased to 25.50 in 2017 from 14.70 in 2014, a set back from the giant leaps recorded under the former Minister of Agriculture – Akinwumi Adesina who is currently the President of African Development Bank.

The Agricultural sector therefore requires to be boosted with pragmatic solutions like those previously being implemented, Nigerians need to enjoy food sufficiency before thinking of export.

The Agricultural sector must be see as a business and not only as a means of livelihood.

The nepotistic distribution of fertilizer and other subsidized farming items including tools and machines, in the last few farming seasons to exclude farmers in the southern part of Nigeria is of great concern.

The government needs to also finance the proper education of farmers so that they can have knowledge of modern farming skills and machines to enable them move from subsistence to commercial farming.

The entire agricultural value chain from Electricity to Transportation and Logistics for example roads, warehousing and storage facilities, all need to be improved on.

What is also clearly lacking under this government is a clear policy direction from the leaders, certainly the recent agreement to allow the easier importation of agricultural products from the United States of America by Buhari takes the countries effort at food self sufficiency several decades back.

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