Why just getting your PVC is not enough

Getting a voter’s card is one thing, making a well-informed decision with it is an entirely different cup of tea.

From religious leaders across the country to business owners (especially on the internet), to so-called social media influencers, and opposition leaders, the clamour for Nigerians to get their PVC is unprecedented.

At the root of this clamour is an ugly reality that has chipped away at the Nigerian consciousness for the past three years (or longer, depending on who you ask).

Many of the leading advocates for citizens to be more involved in the country’s politics have relentlessly pointed fingers at the arguably disastrous tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari.

When you strip the “Get your PVC” movement bare to the bones, it is undoubtedly a drive to kick out President Buhari from the top of the country’s political chain and install a friendlier, more tender, and more effective leader to lead the country out of its perpetual state of mediocrity.

Despite what many, especially the ruling All Progressives’ Congress (APC), might consider a mean-spirited campaign to kick the president and his party out of power after only four years, the clamour for Nigerians to be more involved in politics cannot be seen as anything other than well-intentioned, as a democracy should be.

However, this campaign still leaves a wide gulf for a familiar disaster to fill come 2019.